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Michigan Sports Betting: PointsBet Bonus and Promo Codes

With so many sportsbooks saturating the online market, it was only a matter of time before one came along that took a new and innovative approach to sports betting. That time is here with PointsBet.

PointsBet is an Australian sportsbook company that has been doing business in the United States in recent years. After the state of Michigan started accepting online sports betting in January 2021, PointsBet has been doing business in the state.

In addition to online betting via PointBet’s website and app, much like other sportsbooks in Michigan, you can also place in-person bets with the company.

PointsBet teamed up with Northern Waters Casino Resort in Watersmeet, Michigan, to run a sportsbook at the Native American gaming property. It features gaming tables inside the sportsbook area along with lounge chairs, tables, plenty of TVs, betting windows, kiosks, and a full bar.

Before we get into PointsBet’s bonuses and promo codes, let’s take a look at what makes this sports-betting company different than most of the others.

Points Betting Is the Name of the Game

At conventional sportsbooks, you either bet on a certain team to win either outright or against a point spread. You know what you’re risking, and you know what you can win.

At PointsBet, this kind of betting is available. But if you’re feeling extra risky, go ahead and try Points Betting.

First things first: pick a game result against PointsBet’s designated line. But at that point, it’s not just a matter of covering or not. Each point of the outcome acts as a multiplier for your bet.

So if the team you bet on won by 10 points more than the spread, you would win 10 times the amount of your wager. The system, however, works the other way as well. So if the team you picked loses by 10 points more than the spread, you are on the hook for 10 times the amount of your original bet.

In order to keep things from getting too out of hand if you’re on the wrong end of a Points Betting wager, the system allows you to use a “stop loss” option in order to limit your losses.

PointsBet MI Sportsbook App

PointsBet Bonuses and Promo Codes

In addition to offering this unique feature in the sports-betting industry, PointsBet is enticing new users with a sign-up bonus that gives you two bonus wagers, where most sportsbooks offer just one.

By visiting the PointsBet website to sign up (using the promo code BVIEW1) and then deposit money into your account, and you'll have your $250 in bet credits!

The first wager covers a traditional, or fixed, bet of up to $500.

The second wager allows you to try the Points Betting feature without having to risk a big loss. And this bet covers up to $1,500 in action.

If you win the bets, you get your money—business as usual. If you lose, you get a credit in order to make another wager. Any money that you win with that credited amount is yours to keep.

Ongoing PointsBet Promotions

Once you sign up and use the bonus bets, your promotions and perks with PointsBet don’t end there. Here are some of the company’s more popular ongoing promotions:

  • Make It Rain: For select basketball games, place a wager of at least $50 on a spread bet in a college basketball and get a $3 bonus for every 3-point shot that your team hits. The promotion is valid in the NBA too, but the minimum bet amount is $100.
  • More Lucrative Spreads on NBA Games: Throughout the NBA season, get odds of -105 on any spread bet made before the game starts, instead of the standard -110.
  • Cash Out Feature: As discussed above, you can decide to surrender your bet in a Points Betting wager in order to avoid a huge loss. On the other hand, you can also choose to cash out a bet while ahead in order to lock in winnings.
  • Name a Bet: Another unique feature of PointsBet is the “Name a Bet” promotion. Here, you can send your bet to the sportsbook for consideration. Just send a tweet to the Twitter handle @PointsBetUSA with the hashtag #nameabet, and if it’s accepted, you will be able to place the wager online.
  • Referral Bonus: Get a bonus $50 wager for both you and a friend when you have that person use a referral link that you can provide to them.
  • Karma Kommittee: In another unique twist, PointsBet will review games where players incur a bad beat and can choose to refund that bet due to an unlikely circumstance determining who wins a game.
  • Loyalty Rewards Program

    PointsBet has a loyalty program where rewards can add up fast. While you earn dollar-for-dollar points on fixed-odds wagers, you can earn five reward points per $1 on parlay, and one reward point for every dollar you either win or lose on a Points Betting wager.

    With two bonus bets at your disposal, try PointsBet and its innovative ways of betting on sports to see if it’s something that you like!

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